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 Gallery #658B    

        April 26, 2018

Twelve Pieces by Contemporary Artist

      Adrián Marmolejo Clarhed (Born 1989)

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"Chaouen Mystery, Morocco"


By permission of the artist, The Cyber Art Show is pleased to feature the second of two 12-piece exhibitions of works by Spanish painter 

Adrián Marmolejo Clarhed (born 1989 in Granada, Spain).

Adrián started painting and drawing when he was seven, as a pupil of the Belgian artist Annette Deletaille (awarded with the Janssens portrait award in 1975), who taught him strong bases on perspective and composition that he tries to apply in every work. She also transmitted to him the importance of painting directly from the surrounding environment, capturing the feeling and mood of every moment with strength and spontaneity.

Adrián has been part of the group ‘Los jóvenes pintores de Coín’, and did his first solo exhibition at the age of 16 in Malaga. He graduated later as an architect in 2016. Now, he combines his investigation in landscape and art in the University of Granada with his artistic work, going through a great variety of techniques: starting with pastel, then oils and acrylics and discovering watercolor later, technique that he thinks takes the most out of his personality, since everything is visible about the procedure and there is no comeback.

As a painter, he has won over 30 prizes in fast-painting contests and also other awards, including the 1st Prize of the BBVA Veterans Painting Contest in 2017. For three years Adrián has been teaching a course which explores fast drawing on location in Granada.

He is part of the Andalusian Watercolour Society, where he also gives lessons, and he plays an active role in the Urban Sketchers Group.


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  Adrián Marmolejo Clarhed's




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