Gallery #642   

      March 19, 2018

Twelve Pieces by Contemporary Artist

             Christine E.S. Code (Born 1978)

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"Last Half Hour"


  Feature Artist Bio

By permission of the artist, The Cyber Art Show is pleased to feature the first of two 12-piece exhibitions of works by Canadian painter 

Christine E.S. Code (born 1978 in Saskatchewan, Canada). 


Christine E. S. Code has been painting professionally since 2006. She calls herself a painter of both light and dark; finding the beauty in all things, even while exploring darker subjects. Christine's paintings convey a strong mood and atmosphere, revealing various stylesincluding realism, impressionism and tonalism.

Christine's paintings are usually created in one sitting, alla prima. Primarily self-taught, this prolific practice has resulted in over 900 paintings created and sold to date. Even with three children, she strives to paint almost everyday. She admits that painting has become somewhat of an obsession.


CES paintings are collected both locally and internationally with works held in private collections throughout Canada, the United States, Australia, Belgium, England, Germany and Norway.


Christine's paintings can be found online ( and she frequently exhibits at local venues and beyond.


 Selected Exhibitions 


- 2017 "Florals" Wheatland Regional Library, Eston SK


- 2016 "Eston 100" Heritage Museum Gallery, Eston SK


- 2016 "A Haunting at the Hive" (Group Exhibition) curated by Chaotic Attractors, The Hive Art Gallery, New Jersey USA


- 2015 "Paintings by CES" Heritage Museum Gallery, Eston SK




2015 USA Ponds and Water Gardens, "A Look at Koi Artists"


2013 Prairies North Magazine, "The Artist in an Internet Landscape"



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Christine E. S. Code's




                        ARTIST'S STATEMENT



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