Gallery #641B   

      March 17, 2018

Twelve Pieces by Contemporary Artist

        Pablo Rubén López Sanz (Born 1978)

Pablo Rubén López Sanz - Golden Gate

Pablo Rubén López Sanz - Golden Gate

Pablo Rubén López Sanz - Blue Bridge

Pablo Rubén López Sanz - Blue Bridge

Pablo Rubén López Sanz - Quinta de los Molinos

Pablo Rubén López Sanz - Escuela de Vela

Pablo Rubén López Sanz - Escalona

Pablo Rubén López Sanz - Escalona

Pablo Rubén López Sanz - House on the Hill

Pablo Rubén López Sanz - Daimiel

Pablo Rubén López Sanz - Daimiel

Pablo Rubén López Sanz - Vaporetto

Pablo Rubén López Sanz - Vaporetto

Pablo Rubén López Sanz - Industrial scape

Pablo Rubén López Sanz - Alda con Limón

Pablo Rubén López Sanz - Nambroca

Pablo Rubén López Sanz - Nambroca

Pablo Rubén López Sanz - Market Street V

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"Golden Gate"


  Feature Artist Bio

By permission of the artist, The Cyber Art Show is pleased to feature the second of two 12-piece exhibitions of works by Spanish painter 

Pablo Rubén López Sanz (born 1978 in Madrid, Spain). 


Pablo Rubén is an artist from Griñón, a small town to the south of Madrid, and close to the historic city of Toledo.

He has painted all his life, since childhood. He began to paint with oils and then with acrylics, before discovering that watercolor was the perfect media for him. The watercolor medium lets him finish the painting in less time and obtain a more spontaneous result; also watercolor allows him to keep the essence of drawing.

Pablo has studied watercolor with Joseph Zbukvic, whom he considers the best teacher he has ever had. Influenced by the masters of the past, he admires Turner, Sargent, Sorolla, Fortuny and Boudin. Today, there are dozens of wonderful artists  from all over the world who are making excellent works, such as Zbukvic, Lars Lerin, Jeremy Mann, the list is very long.


Most of Pablo's paintings are done for plein air contests, which are very common in Spain on weekends. He prefers industrial landscapes, railway stations and lately he is attracted by water scenes.

His works are found in many private collections in France, Portugal, Colombia, Turkey, Germany, Holland, Belgium, South Africa, Thailand, Perú, USA, Slovenia, Italy, Great Britain, Canada, Russia, Pakistan, Ghana and Brasil.

Pablo Rubén has been featured in “The Art of Watercolor” Magazine (2011 and 2017), in “Watercolor Artist” (2015) and many other spanish publications. In the last twenty years he has won more than 300 art awards and prizes, most of them in plein air contests. These include a High Wind Medal of the American Watercolor Society of New York.

As President of the International Watercolor Society of Spain, he joins every year in many International Festivals, exhibiting and making public demonstrations all around the world. He teaches all art techniques at his studio in Griñón, at the ABC Museum of Madrid and also gives watercolor workshops internationally. France, Turkey, Brasil, Mexico, Canada, USA, Russia, Italy are some of the countries where he has given workshops. This month he will be in Moscow and in April in Florence.

        Awards and Honors


1st Prize II Artemisia Painting Contest, JDM Moncloa Aravaca (Madrid)

1st Prize Plein Air Painting Contest Las Rozas (Madrid)

1st Prize National Painting Contest “Carta Puebla” Miguelturra (Ciudad Real)

1st Prize Fast Painting Contest Ciudad de Getafe

1st Prize Fast Painting Contest Villa de Navalcarnero



1st. Prize XVIII Fast Painting Contest of Sigüenza (Guadalajara)


1st. Prize VI Painting Contest “Mar de Velas” Muelle Deportivo de las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Prize XXXIV National Art Contest “Castillo de San Fernando” Bolaños de Calatrava

1st. Prize XVI Night Painting Contest of Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real)

1st. Prize I Fast Painting Contest of Pozuelo de Calatrava (Ciudad Real)

1st. Prize VI Fast Painting Contest Mogán Beach (Gran Canaria)

1st. Prize XIV Plein Air Competition of San Antonio de La Florida (Madrid)

1st. Watercolor Award Fast Painting Contest City of Ávila

1st. Prize XII Fast Painting Contest of Meco (Madrid)



Watercolor Award at Castra Biennale 2015 (Eslovenia)

Award at “Salies à Peindre” Salies de Béarn (France)

1st. Prize III Painting Contest Siglo XXI in Alcorcón (Madrid)

1st. Prize XVII Painting Contest 100 x 100, Móstoles (Madrid)

1st. Prize XVII Painting Contest “Romeral Vivo” El Romeral (Toledo)

1st. Watercolor Award Small Format Contest at Alda con Limón (Madrid)

1st. Prize XXIII Plein Air Painting Contest of Requena (Valencia)

1st. Prize Painting Contest “Centenario Parque Gasset” (Ciudad Real)

1st. Prize VII Contest of Painting Desposorios de Membrilla (Ciudad Real)

“Heineken” Award at XX Painting Contest “Mesa y López” Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Watercolor Award at III Fast Painting Contest of Titaguas (Valencia)

1st. Prize XIII Fast Painting Contest of Escalona (Toledo)


                                                               ARTIST'S OFFICIAL BIO                                                                     (see above)




Pablo Rubén López Sanz's




                        ARTIST'S STATEMENT

The landscape of our days is difficult to conceive without the progress to which we are associated.

The vehicles flood practically all the space through which we travel every day, and for my realistic vision are the characters of the sceneries that I represent, they are the protagonists

of the urban and industrial choreographies., sometimes in large masses and others as real

leading actors with name and surname and character.

When I have the opportunity to leave the main roads and reach ports, industrial cities and

hangars, exotic issues arise, and it is time for planes, aircraft carriers, helicopters and other imposing machines always located in the most interesting scenarios. There is no greater pleasure than painting in “plein air” in one of these scenarios.”