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Kerry Nowak




By permission of the artist, The Cyber Art Show is pleased to feature the second of two 12-piece exhibitions of works by Scottish painter Kerry Nowak (born 1965 in Edinburgh, Scotland).

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland Kerry later moved to the beautiful west coast with beautiful beaches and spectacular sunsets. Having fallen in love with paper, paint and pencils at the age of four, drawing and painting were a passion that continues to the present day. With creative parents, art materials were never far from hand and a box of pastels gifted to her mother was the starting point of her fascination with the medium, another catalyst being a visit to view Degas ballerinas at the Kelvingrove Art gallery in Glasgow. The brilliant hues left a lasting impression on her. 

At 17 she started her degree course at the renowned Glasgow School of Art, designed by the Scottish architect, designer and watercolourist Charles Rennie Mackintosh, who continues to be an influence. The art school enabled her to enjoy the emphasis put on excellent drawing skills and the curriculum offered multiple creative opportunities. Pastels featured in her often mixed media work which was exhibited in London, Milan and Edinburgh. After graduating she worked as a freelance designer and was able to combine her love of art and history working for the design department of the Scottish Maritime Museum

Marriage brought a move to Germany where raising a family and teaching left little time for art; however she continued her love of keeping sketchbooks and experimentation with various mediums. Extensive travel brought a lot of the visual stimulation she craves and she is often to be found urban sketching or out painting plein air, her preferred motifs being architecture and landscapes. Her family now grown and having worked in watercolour, acrylic and coloured pencil she has returned to her first love, pastels. The beautiful countryside of Lower Saxony with its open, flat landscape and waterways providing ample inspiration for her expressive, contemporary landscapes.

Kerry's work can be found in private collections and galleries


 Gallery #633B   

  February 27, 2018

Twelve Pieces by Contemporary Artist

                   Kerry Nowak (Born 1965)

                        ARTIST'S STATEMENT

“Capturing the fleeting light, ever changing atmosphere and seasons of the landscape around me in a contemporary and expressive way is my passion. Pastels offer the perfect medium; spontaneous, capable of providing fields of colour and beautiful lines, I  enjoy the direct contact with both the medium and my chosen support.


My sketchbooks provide continuous drawing practice enabling me to set my lines confidently, necessary in my pastel technique which requires multiple layers. Achieving a balance between fields of colour and gorgeous line is what I strive for in my pastel paintings, alongside the exploration of pattern and the rhythms of nature. 


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