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"Laguna Beach South (watercolor)"


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Sandra Lynn Strohschein - Laguna Beach South (watercolor)

Sandra Lynn Strohschein - Kirk County Morning

Sandra Lynn Strohschein - Passing Storm, Kavarna - Bulgaria (watercolor)

Sandra Lynn Strohschein - First Snow on Blair Street (watercolor)

Sandra Lynn Strohschein - January 1st on White Road (watercolor)

Sandra Lynn Strohschein‎ - The River Keeper (acrylic)

Sandra Lynn Strohschein - Riley Beach Path (watercolor)

Sandra Lynn Strohschein - Little Creek on 104th (watercolor)

Sandra Lynn Strohschein - Oak on 112th (watercolor)

Sandra Lynn Strohschein - After the Rain (watercolor)

Sandra Lynn Strohschein - Wild Turkeys in a Blizzard (watercolor)

Sandra Lynn Strohschein - Evening on 112th


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Sandra Lynn Strohschein's 




By permission of the artist, The Cyber Art Show is pleased to feature the second of two 12-piece exhibitions of works by contemporary 

American landscape painter Sandra Lynn Strohschein (born 1959 in Michigan, USA ). 

Sandra is a watercolor artist from South West Michigan. She began pursuing a life-long interest in watercolor in 2009 after raising her family. In six short years painting Sandra has achieved a remarkable amount of success. She has won top honors in juried watercolor exhibits both regionally and Statewide, most recently receiving the Michigan Watercolor Society Second Place award for her painting "Lake Michigan, October." In 2014 she won the Michigan Watercolor Society Anniversary Award for her painting "Portrait of a Master." This comes after a phenomenal 16,000 hours studying watercolor in her studio and also En Plein Air.  Her painting, "Marco Island Sunset" will be included in Splash 2017 along with the most highly-esteemed watercolorists working today, her biggest honor to date.  


Sandra's hard work has paid off.  In 2014 she was  assigned a brush set with her name on them by Rosemary & Co. Handmade brushes out of England.  She also was featured in En Plein Air, online magazine, February/March edition 2014 and found herself in the pages of the magazine in their 'Extreme Paint Out' section.  On March 6th, 2015 Sandra was introduced  as a "Revelation" in "The Art of Watercolor"  Magazine published in France and the United States.


Sandra teaches annually  in Italy  at "The Watermill," and also travels each year to Bulgaria, where she exhibits and teaches. In the past three years  Sandra has maintained a heavy travel schedule painting from Vancouver, British Columbia and Alaska all the way to the South East Coast of Florida. She has worked outdoors across many States as well as Canada, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain. Sandra is considered self-taught but has  studied personally with Janet Rogers, Steve Rogers, Keiko Tanabe and Alvaro Castagnet. She has workshops scheduled in New York, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Michigan and Colorado in 2016/2017.    

Sandra is one of the most enthusiastic and hard-working artists whose saying 'Let's Paint' resonates daily with almost 20,000  online followers! She is a member of the Holland Area Arts Council, Holland Area Friends of Art, a sustaining member of the American Watercolor Society, The American Impressionist Society and associate member of The National Watercolor Society. For workshop information please select the workshop tab on Sandra's home page menu.


Gallery #471B

   February 14, 2017

Twelve Pieces by Contemporary Artist

                Sandra Strohschein (Born 1959)

               ARTIST'S STATEMENT

“Uninspired work usually turns out to be more academic than full of life and energy.  To have inspiration and an emotional response toward a subject, this then becomes evident in your work.


A good painting has contrast in temperature from warm to cool, large to small, textures. A little tension is a good thing.  It keeps it exciting. For me in painting contrast between the darkest and lightest value and opposites on the color wheel are very good ways to create great excitement and an emotional response to a painting. I want the viewer to smell the air in my work. To hear the sounds.  Contrast helps achieve this!