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"Bend in the River"


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Barbara Archer-Baldwin - Bend in the River

Barbara Archer-Baldwin - Early Morning Clouds, Stump Pass

Barbara Archer-Baldwin - Library Lotus Pond No. 1

Barbara Archer-Baldwin - Green Reflections

Barbara Archer-Baldwin - Green Hope Farm

Barbara Archer-Baldwin - Palm Shadows

Barbara Archer-Baldwin - Library Lilies No 2

Barbara Archer-Baldwin - Path to the Light

Barbara Archer-Baldwin - Beach Bike Path

Barbara Archer-Baldwin - Secret Picnic Place

Barbara Archer-Baldwin - Homage to Innes, Casperson

Barbara Archer-Baldwin - Morning Shadows, Casperson







Barbara Archer-Baldwin's

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By permission of the artist, The Cyber Art Show is pleased to feature the first of two 12-piece exhibitions of works by contemporary American landscape painter Barbara Archer-Baldwin (born 1941 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania).


Originally from Swarthmore, PA, Barbara is now a full-time resident of Venice, FLShe is an academically-schooled professional artist with training at Rhode Island School of Design, Philadelphia University of the Arts, and Temple University's Tyler School of Fine Arts.

Barbara has been involved in some form of creativity since she could hold a crayon! First, at age 8-10, it was designing and making her own paper dolls, complete with full wardrobes. She also illustrated her own poems, one of which won a Pennsylvania state award, at age 14.

Thanks, in part, to having spent her first 18 years on a property which had woods, a stream for playing, and parents who encouraged exploration, she has had a life-long love affair with Nature, always finding ways to celebrate the beauty of natural materials, as well as painting Nature’s beauty in many mediums. Over the years, she has developed many of her own art forms, including woven wall-hangings with grasses and other natural materials; creating a multi-media collection of what she called “Second Chances”, combining watercolors and the flotsam found on beach walks, giving the imperfect cast-offs of the sea another chance at pleasing people with their beauty, all framed in totally re-purposed materials.

For one 12-year period, she and her then-partner built hand-crafted banjos, with Barbara designing and executing the carved designs and the pearl inlays, as well as the hand-drawn illustrations for their sales brochures. At one point, with two young children and her first husband, she lived on a small self-sufficient farm in Ohio, raising and preserving all their food, from vegetables and fruits to small animals. During this period her love of and immersion in Nature grew even stronger. This

connection with the seasons and rhythms of the earth will always be the primary impetus for her creations.

After the children were grown, Barbara returned to her main love, painting, and teaching several mediums, in her original home town of Swarthmore PAAfter a long period of serious illness, which was finally correctly diagnosed and “cured” in 2000, she moved to Venice FL, on the southwest coast, joined several art organizations, and eventually re-discovered the medium of soft pastels.

Pastels have become her passion. She teaches them, paints almost daily, and has been bringing nationally-known artists to her “home” art center for workshops, for the last 4 years.

Besides her formal academic art education, she has more recently attended the workshops of Albert Handell, Vianna Szabo, (both her portrait workshop, a color workshop and plein air), and will soon have workshops with Stan Sperlak and Karen Margulis under her belt. All these artists, and others, have influenced her work, including historic artists like Innes, Cezanne, and of course, Monet.

Barbara's prolific work includes illustrations for published books and periodicals, works in oil, acrylic, pen and ink, pastel, and miniature art. Her creative, and personal life, took a turn for the better (perfection!) when, in 2011, she met, and later married her best friend, John E. Baldwin. He is a photographer, and they discovered they share the same vision of the creative process. They have developed a joint art form, The BrushedLens©, in which Barbara paints additions, light changes, etc, onto canvas giclees of John’s wonderful photographs. They have published a book about their loving collaboration, “Through Our Eyes”©.

Gallery #381

      July 18, 2016

Twelve Pieces by Contemporary Artist

         Barbara Archer-Baldwin (Born 1941)



“My personal goals for my painting include learning all I can of how to capture light; how it defines everything, that energy from the Source, the Sun. Without it, we would not be here, and it is a fascinating study to see its’ different effects, the colors of shadows, as well as the different temperatures of light during a day.